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Happy New Year's to all my friends
Just want to write a thank you note to all my followers and supporters.
a few days ago I saw that my photos were viewed over 1,000,000 times and now standing on 1,003,564 times,
That is truly amazing to me.
Here are the 12 photos that were most loved and favorite in 2012.
intense eagle by Yair-Leibovich
wolf in muddy waters by Yair-Leibovich
the three little wolves by Yair-Leibovich
Wolves Explosion by Yair-Leibovich
cougar encounter by Yair-Leibovich
wet wolf portrait by Yair-Leibovich
wolf acting surprised by Yair-Leibovich
polar wolf by Yair-Leibovich
wolf blue howl by Yair-Leibovich
gray wolf 2 by Yair-Leibovich
Wolf in a hurry by Yair-Leibovich
eye of the tiger by Yair-Leibovich
So happy new year and hopefully to see you all in 2013 :)
yair leibovich
Hello to you all
In the end of last month I had a very exciting event.
I open my very own art show at Jerusalem Biblical Zoo.
my wolf show by Yair-Leibovich
The art show is all about wolves and I am showing 26 of my wolf's photos,
wolf show 1 by Yair-Leibovich
wolf show 2 by Yair-Leibovich
Those of you who follow me knows how much wolves mean to me, and  I always promise to myself that my first show will be all about wolves and I so happy that I kept my promise. :)

BEAUTY OF THE WOLF by Yair-Leibovich
It's been almost a year since I wrote something on my journal, so I guess I am not a great writer :)
I just wanted to say thank you for your lovely comments and I do appreciate them all.
I would also like to share with you that a month ago I won a photography contests that with my photo standing tall
standing tall by Yair-Leibovich
The contest was held by a big traveling company so it was a nice win,
Also I will hopefully get my first big solo art show this year, it will be dedicated to wolves of course,
  I will keep everybody posted on that later this year.
That's it for now…..
Does anybody just can't wait for winter to arrive or is it just me
I love winter
FROST by Yair-Leibovich

Hi everyone, I’m back from Montana U.S.A and it was amazing!!!!! I spent my time in and around Glacier National Park. Very powerful place and the ultimate bear country. I took a lot of photos and I hope everyone will enjoy them.

Last spring, my photo “wolf in the hollow log” was published on the cover of “International Wolf Magazine” that belong to The “International Wolf Center”, a very important organization that educate people about wolves, their role in the  wild and the role of human in their future and fate. One of the people on the Board of Directors is Dave Mech, a very famous wildlife researcher and biologist. His trips to northern part of Canada to see and study the wolves of the High Arctic were documented in national geographic magazine and national geographic movies with photographer Jim Brandenburg. So publishing this cover was a big deal to me.

Again, I want to say thank you for all of your comments about my photos.
I really appreciate it.

And there are many more pictures of wolves and other wildlife in the future, so hold on to your seat; it’s going to be a wild ride.

Yair Leibovich.

Devious Journal Entry

Fri Jan 23, 2009, 4:52 PM
I think its time ..

I think its time for me to properly introduce my self…. so…..

Hi everybody my name is yair leibovich and I am a photographer.

And as you probably notice I love wolves. It's all started once upon a time when I was a young boy and my father told me stories about wolves entering the small town in which he grow up in the remote area of eastern Romania. It was mostly in winter and the wolves probably came in search of food.
I was so fascinated with his stories an always want to here more about them,
So I started to go to the library to find more and more info about wolves.
I was truly amazed from what I found.

Over the centuries, wolves have come to mean different things to different cultures, from the Middle Ages to this day, from old legends of werewolves and more modern Famous fairy tales such as "Little Red Riding Hood," and "The Three Little Pigs support the false beliefs that wolves are vicious, savage beasts. And for that wolves have often paid with their lives for crimes they did not commit.
Rarely the wolf portrayed in a good and  positive way, mostly in the Culture of  Native Americans tribes or in legend of Romulus and Remus or the Jungle Book.
After I learn so much about the place of the wolf in folklore in so many different Cultures I went on to learn more about the wolf from a zoology and ecology point of view. And from my early days I learn that the wolf is an untamed, powerful, and intelligent creature that also shy and fearful of people. And wolves also have a vast communication repertoire including scent marks, vocalizations, visual displays, facial and body postures and rituals as you can often see in my photos.
One of my goals in my photography is to help people to see that the wolf is a beautiful and fascinating creature. Not a Satan or a saint, just a top predator trying to survive in his vast eco system in our blue planet.

I would also want to say thank you for all your comments and notes I really appreciate them.  
yair leibovich